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. the reality is technology has leaked us forward. how do you make sure that we as a country do the things whether it be making sure we are competitive and i won't go into my tax discussion, but we need to rebuild our tax code to be competitive with the world. >> the congressman is right. i think that we always end up -- america creates the stuff that makes the world go. we have the most freedom. people come here to make things. will this be the next steven jobs from china? i don't know. if you have a creative idea there is the ability to find capital and you are not regulated out of existence. those are the things that make us vibrant so we are always renewing ourself, so we are always competitive. >> i want you -- >> we just assumed it. >> if you agree with him, we don't have a show. >> the regulation part. >> the iron fist of government. >> you and your liberal ilk. >> at the end of the tax code do we find out mary is actually married to jesus? >> spoiler alert. >> from syborgs to scientists should they steer more engineers? well florida state wants to coach college students into degg t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1